A Closer Look at Lotto 6/49

LottoManager · Posted October 24, 2019
LottoManager.io currently supports four of the largest lotteries around: Lotto 6/49, LottoMax, PowerBall, and Mega Millions. However, when it comes to first dipping your toes in, it can be hard to know which one is the best to start with. Today, we’ll outline the benefits and highlights that Lotto..
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4 Factors to Consider Before Setting Up a Lottery Pool

LottoManager · Posted September 26, 2019
Before you decide to host your own lottery pool, take a moment to make sure you have done all the preparations necessary. By taking care of the boring details first, you can ensure that your pool runs smoothly once it gets started with no issues. Often, lottery pool horror stories that surface onlin..
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How to Manage Wealth From Lottery Winnings

LottoManager · Posted September 5, 2019
When playing as part of a pool group, your chances of winning could double or even triple. This means that you need to have a good idea of how to invest any winnings you do get rather than squandering your wealth like a few unfortunate winners in the past. Of course, your approach should differ bas..
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5 Benefits of Participating in a Lottery Pool

LottoManager · Posted August 26, 2019
Lottery pools are a relatively new way of enjoying everything a lottery might have to offer. Rather than buying tickets by yourself, you and a group of friends contribute to purchase a large number of tickets, and any winnings are shared evenly among the group. It turns this solitary game into one t..
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Two major lotteries in the US

LottoManager · Posted August 21, 2019
The lottery seems to be everywhere in the news and on the radio. After all, who doesn’t want to be the next US lottery winner? Even when the best outcome seems unlikely, you still get a chance at the jackpot with every ticket you buy. Below are two of the most known lotteries in the United States ..
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